Journal History

More than ten years have passed from 2000 when the first issue of the 5th series „Computer Science, Applied Computer Systems” was compiled. Only nine papers were published after not over well selection. Contrary, in recent years the portfolio of the editorial board contains almost two times more submitted papers then are published after serious reviewing and evaluation (at an average twenty papers are published annually). The editorial board has put in efforts improving the procedure of paper submission and the evaluation form. The obligatory requirement is that one of the reviewers must be the scientist working in foreign countries. All submitted papers are written in English. Thus, not only the readership of our scientific publications is noticeably wider, but also starting with volume 34 published in 2008 all papers are included in two scientific databases – CSA (Cambridge Scientific Articles) and EBSCO Publishing.

During all ten years we have kept the established tradition to give an opportunity for young researchers to publish their research results thus enabling output of doctoral thesis. As a result, thirteen young researchers have received their doctoral degree and now represent the next generation of researchers of Institute of Applied Computer Systems. Although scientists of Institute of Applied Computer Systems have the greatest part of publications, however representatives from other institutions, such as Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Production and Entrepreneurship, Institute of Materials and Structures (all from RTU), Distance Learning Centre of RTU,  University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (both from University of Latvia), Riga Information Technology Institute, Transport and Telecommunications Institute (Riga), Latvia University of Agriculture, Liepaja University, several Latvian companies, as well as scientists from Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Australia also are among authors.